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Secondary Glazing Wiltshire

Spire Glass offer bespoke secondary glazing solutions to both listed and period properties throughout Salisbury, Andover and the surrounding Wiltshire areas. Secondary glazing is becoming an increasingly popular choice for home owners throughout Wiltshire.

We are proud to offer all of our customers secondary glazing that has been specially designed to increase your homes energy efficiency, reduce the noise pollution entering your home and heighten the security of your Wiltshire property.

secondary glazing in salisbury
Horizontal Sliding Secondary Glazing Wiltshire


Secondary glazing is the necessary by-product of strict home improvement laws in regards to working on Grade I and Grade II properties. The technology was devised to maintain the traditional appearance of both listed and period properties.

Due to the medieval architecture of Salisbury and the unique buildings throughout the surrounding Wiltshire areas, secondary glazing has become a highly popular and sought after home improvement.

Spire Glass have helped maintain the traditional appearance along with enhancing the security and energy efficiency of hundreds of properties throughout Andover and Wiltshire. We are experts at the delicate art of secondary glazing.</>

Secondary glazing is fitted inside the existing window, replicating the technology of double glazing used on modern buildings.

Secondary Glazing Wiltshire Salisbury
Secondary Glazing Wiltshire Salisbury
Secondary Glazing Wiltshire Salisbury


Secondary glazing will retain your Wiltshire homes stunning appearance. What’s more, secondary glazing is a lifeline for listed buildings. Conservation laws prohibit plastic or aluminium windows replacing existing windows on listed properties.

The windows from listed buildings have lasted for hundreds of years. Our highly trained and experienced glazing engineers can ensure they last for many more to come. Retain the charisma and charm of your Andover home with our secondary glazing.

secondary glazing in salisbury


Once installed, secondary glazing replicates the energy efficient values of modern double glazing. Utilising your properties heating, saving you money in the long run.

The additional layer of glass sits behind the window, held in place with a reinforced aluminium frame. The secondary glazing traps a layer of air between itself and the original window, creating the same thermally efficient technology within traditional double glazing.

The trapped air forms a thermally efficient barrier, preventing cold air from entering and your heating from escaping. Secondary glazing also reduces the amount of condensation inside your window.

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Security is another hugely important factor that secondary glazing will bring to your Salisbury property. Regrettably home intrusions and burglaries are on the increase, so ensuring that your home has adequate protection is vital.

Secondary glazing adds another physical barrier which is clearly noticeable from the exterior of your property. The windows are almost impossible to open from the outside, plus our frames are moulded from the highest gradient steel on the current market.

Secondary Glazing Salisbury Wiltshire

Obtaining a Free Secondary Glazing Quote Online

If you feel that Spire Glass could help with your secondary glazing needs, why not contact us for your free quote? Our in-house team of experienced double glazing experts will contact you at a time which best suits.

We can talk you through the installation process, offer you secondary glazing maintenance tips and provide you with a non-obligation quote.