French Casement Windows Andover

French Casement Windows

If you are looking for attractive French casement windows in Salisbury, Andover and Wiltshire then Spire Glass Limited have the perfect uPVC windows for your home. Hand-crafted by Liniar, we supply and install the very best French casement windows that are functional, versatile and attractive.

Very similar to a classic casement window but with the function not dissimilar to that of French doors, the two sashes open to a wide angle and do not contain a central bar to obstruct the view. The advantage of French casement windows is that they create a greater sense of space with the 90˚ hinge opening – perfect for an emergency exit route if needed.

Features & Benefits

All our French casement windows are made to measure and we can work with you to create the exact double glazing improvement you desire. There are multiple benefits that are incorporated into our French casement windows that should make it easy for you to make the right decision.

French Doors Salisbury

Flying Mullion

When opened fully, one sash from the French casement window carries the central mullion for a completely unrestricted view.

French Doors Salisbury

Controlled Ventilation

The master sash can be opened independently from the slave sash for variable ventilation on your French casement windows.

French Doors Salisbury

90˚ Hinge Opening

Sashes can open to a full 90˚ hinge angle, creating a greater feeling of space as well as letting more light in.

French Doors Salisbury

Fire Escape

French casements are Part B complaint which is great for small and narrow openings that can also be used as fire escapes.

French Doors Salisbury

Environmentally Friendly

All our uPVC products including French casement windows are 100% lead free and are 100% recyclable.

French Doors Salisbury

Easy to Clean

French casement windows contain easy to clean hinges making them extremely low maintenance and perfect for your home.

Why Choose French Casement Windows?

French casement windows from Spire Glass make a very fine choice for homeowners in the Salisbury, Andover, Wiltshire and Hampshire areas. In our ever evolving world, there are constant concerns regarding the environment and our carbon footprint.

With the installation of a Liniar French casement window you will be reducing your energy emissions, your carbon footprint and contributing to a greener environment.  Lovingly crafted using 100% lead free materials, our uPVC windows are fully recyclable and will never harm the environment.