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Spire Glass Window Prevents Burglary

Spire Glass Limited are a leading home improvements company, based near the famous cathedral city of Salisbury, Wiltshire. Our bespoke double glazing solutions are designed to help reduce your carbon footprint alongside maximising the security of your home. And as one of our customers discovered, our windows offer superb levels of security.

In late March, we received an email from one of our customers to say there had been an attempted burglary at their home. The bizarre thing is, the customer didn’t even notice there had been an attempted burglary until carrying out routine cleaning work.

It turns out that the burglar had attempted to prise open the sash using a crowbar, or another small hand tool.  Although they must have given it their best efforts, the robust locking systems and security focused designs prevented any loss of personal items, and minimal property damage. Leaving the homeowner safe, and the thief empty handed.

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Why are we reporting on this now? It just goes to show that the unpredictable can happen and that security is just as important today as it was one hundred years ago. Investing in security focused windows and doors from a reliable and trusted company like Spire Glass is vitally important.

The combination of our knowledge, building skills and products we use amplify your home’s security, giving you maximum protection from both opportunistic and planned burglary.

Spire Glass is a proud member of the Double Glazing Network a renowned collection of expert Linar Installers throughout the UK.

One of the features of members of the Double-Glazing Network which Spire Glass is a member of is that everyone is vetted. Spire Glass is one of the most highly professional and trustworthy double glazing company in the UK.

Our complete range of windows and doors are designed with your security in mind. We fit tested Yale locking systems to the inside of the frames, so they cannot be reached by would be thieves.

Sam Locke, operations manager of Spire Glass said. ‘What could have been a potentially disastrous ending to the story, has been thwarted thanks to the quality of the TruFrame window frame and the Yale hardware. The homeowner needs a new window but doesn’t have to consider the cost of any losses, nor the emotional distress. This is a clear message that product quality and specification has never been so important within the industry.’

TruFrame is one of the top six largest manufactures of uPVC windows and doors in the UK, they are also the only high volume fabricator to finish every frame off by hand.

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This process is done not only so the customer has the best quality product but to ensure the highest level of quality and to provide a truly unrivalled finish.

David Firmager, managing director of TruFrame concluded: ‘Every 45 seconds in the UK, there is an attempted burglary and every 76 seconds it’s successful. So, it’s for good reason that we spend so much time on ensuring our frames are manufactured to the most exacting of tolerances and furnished with what we believe is the best hardware specification, backed up with an impressive lifetime warranty.’

Yale has been on the market for over 150 years. It is one of the oldest international brands out on the market and it’s best known and most respected names in the lock industry.

There are millions of Yale locks used worldwide. There are many designs and functions of Yale locks and they and they are used in over 125 years.


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