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Composite Front Doors

Create a Welcoming Entrance with Composite Front Doors in Andover

Composite front doors are a superb option for your Andover home improvements, as they are incredibly stylish and also exceptional for all round performance. You can create a welcoming entrance to your Andover home, that has all the beauty of an authentic timber appearance, combined with the technology and innovation of uPVC.

With composite front doors from Spire Glass, your Andover home will be completely transformed. We offer the very best composite doors to our Andover customers, installed to the highest standards. Read through our guide to composite front doors in Andover and find inspiration for your home improvements.

composite front door andover

Composite Doors from an Accredited Installer

Composite doors in Andover are a superb home improvement, and with Spire Glass, you can count on excellent customer service, expert installation and high-quality doors.

We are proud to be accredited by the Double Glazing Network, which gives you peace of mind regarding the installation services we offer.

With Double Glazing Network membership, not only do we have access to superb, exclusive products, but we are also assessed and checked to ensure we meet the very highest standards in all our work.

Stunning Composite Front Doors, Tailored to You

Our range of composite front doors are tailored for your Andover home. These stunning doors are the perfect combination of authentic timber effect and cutting edge technology.

You will be able to choose from a range of panel designs, both traditional and contemporary, and then select from a variety of colours to create composite doors that reflect your personality and complement your Andover home.

In addition to this, there are a variety of decorative glazing options, perfect for adding privacy or simply creating a unique entrance to your property. We even offer a complete range of door furniture so that every aspect is exactly the way you want it to be.

composite front doors andover

Insulation Benefits of Composite Front Doors in Andover

Composite front doors are structured with an insulating solid core covered by a hard wearing outer skin. This enables them to provide the most effective insulation for your Andover home.

In fact, the insulation is so impressive, our composite doors achieve up to 6 times more thermal efficiency than wooden doors.

The thermal performance of our composite front doors is incredible, ensuring that your property stays warmer for longer. This could result in you needing to use less heating which will ultimately lower your energy bills, making these doors highly cost effective.

That’s not the only benefit of this super insulation. Your Andover home can be a quieter and more relaxing space thanks to the superb sound proofing qualities that composite front doors provide.

Intrusive street noise will be kept to a bare minimum, so you can recharge and rejuvenate in a comfortable and peaceful home.

High-Security Composite Front Doors in Andover

Composite front doors are one of the best choices for a secure entrance to your Andover property. They are inherently robust and strong thanks to the clever construction that we discussed earlier. This makes them almost impossible to break into.

With composite front doors, they are so durable, that they are even difficult to dent or scratch!

This strength is then enhanced by our state of the art multipoint locking systems. These high security locks offer unrivalled protection for your Andover home.

The combined force of strength and locking mechanisms ensure that your home and family will be safe and secure, even the most determined potential intruder will be unable to break into your property.

composite front doors andover

Low Maintenance Composite Front Doors in Andover

One of the drawbacks of timber doors, is the ongoing costly and time consuming maintenance. This is completely changed with composite doors.

The composite front doors are designed to offer a long term performance, lasting year after year without ever warping, cracking or discolouring.

Yet, unlike with their traditional wood counterparts, composite doors require very little maintenance.

All you will ever need to do to keep these doors operating at optimum levels and looking like new, is give them the occasional clean. It really is as simple as that.

Composite Front Doors Prices in Andover

Composite front doors prices in Andover from Spire Glass are simply fantastic. We aim to give our customers access to superb value for money, making their home improvements a cost effective exercise.

Find out the costs for your new composite front doors in an instant with our online door designer. Simply pick from the options available to create your perfect front door, and then get a tailored guide price.

For more information on our impressive composite doors in Andover, please get in touch with our expert team who will be happy to help.


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