Energy Efficiency

Each of our double glazed products are highly energy efficient and are designed to keep your home warmer for longer by locking in the heat from your central heating. This is also an excellent way of saving you money on your heating costs as you will notice how little you need to turn your heating on after your new uPVC windows have been installed.

Liniar’s uPVC profile is cleverly fabricated in order to gain free solar energy from the world’s largest natural resource – the sun. With tight weather seals in place, all draughts and cold spots are eliminated so you can enjoy your warmer living environment.

The glass within each of our uPVC Liniar windows comes fully fitted with a transparent metallic coating which reflects the heat produced by the sun back into the house. Your windows will retain the warmth and reduce the amount of energy that is needed to heat your home.

BFRC Rating
Energy Saving Trust

100% Lead Free

The dangers of lead are widely discussed so you’ll be pleased to know that our uPVC profiles are 100% lead free meaning you never have to worry about the use of lead components. All Double Glazing Network members are proud to be supplying and installing lead free products that won’t harm our environment.

100% Lead Free

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Choosing to have our uPVC windows installed is a great way of helping to contribute to a greener environment. You don’t even have to actively do anything and your carbon footprint will be reduced thanks to our energy efficient double glazing. You can lower your CO2 emissions by 2/3 of a tonner each year after installation.

Carbon Footprint

Committed to Recycling

Spire Glass Limited are fully committed to recycling, which is why we ensure we supply and fit only the very best uPVC products available. Liniar uPVC windows are highly strong and robust without the need for steel reinforcements. This is how our products are less expensive and completely recyclable compared to previous uPVC windows.