Stable Doors double glazing Salisbury

Stable Doors

Stable doors from Liniar offer creative and flexible functionality that suits a variety of purposes for homeowners in Salisbury , Andover and Wiltshire. As the two sashes move independently from one another you can use your new stable doors for increased ventilation as well as adding security.

When you choose a stable door from Spire Glass Ltd you will not only be receiving a beautiful door but also high levels of energy efficiency, impressive security features and the versatility to be able to keep the bottom sash locked whilst enjoying fresh air and natural light to enter through the open top half.

Features & Benefits

A very popular option for homeowners with more traditional or cottage style properties as these stable doors complement the original design. A superb back door option that offers timeless elegance whilst containing state of the art technology.

Stable Doors Salisbury


Why not choose to upgrade your stable door to include a tilt function so you can enjoy the ultimate flexibility.

Stable Doors Salisbury


The two sashes disengage to allow the top sash to operate independently from the bottom half of the door.

Stable Doors Salisbury


By coupling the two halves of the stable door together you will have a door that functions as a normal entrance door.

Stable Doors Salisbury


You can be rest assured that our stable doors contain high security locking systems from Yale, fitted as standard.

Stable Doors Salisbury

Double Drip Bars

Drip bars are fitted to both sashes on all our stable doors as standard to prevent water ingress from occurring.

Stable Doors Salisbury

Low Threshold

Low threshold and wheelchair threshold options are available on our stable doors to provide ease of access if needed.

Versatile Design

Stable doors are an extremely clever option for your new back or front door. The design of the two separate sashes is a perfect choice for homes with pets or small children.  This is beneficial as you can keep the bottom half of the stable door closed for their safety, whilst opening the top sash to enjoy fresh air and natural light to enter your home. Often admired for their functional operation as it is combined with the traditional design of a popular stable door.