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How secure is a Composite Door?

Composite doors are still very much the new kids on the block and, unlike uPVC which has been around for a long time, are relatively unproven, particularly when it comes to security.

But if you are considering a composite door, maybe because you want a more unique finish to your home, and you’re concerned with security, you really shouldn’t be.

Security Benefits of a Composite Door

All composite doors have been manufactured since standards were introduced, meaning they all conform to the same security and safety standards as the most modern uPVC doors.

They also offer some additional security benefits, including:

  • Stronger material. Composite doors are much thicker than uPVC, making it harder to force entry.
  • Reinforced glass. The strong, structural frame of the door and the reinforced glass, means the glass will not fall out of the door if broken; it will shatter but remain in place.
  • Multi-point locking system. This runs down the edge of the door and hooks onto the frame in multiple points when the lock is engaged.

What security standards should I look for?

If you remain unconvinced, there are a number of standards against which doors are tested.

Any composite door you buy should conform to and carry the badge for the following standards:

  • PAS 24. This is an accreditation which has been agreed by both the police and insurance companies and is assurance that your door meets the highest standard of security. PAS 24 accreditation alone is enough to buy with peace of mind.
  • CE Mark. This mark tells you that the door conforms to the requirements of EU regulations
  • Secured by Design. This is a UK Police initiative focusing on crime prevention through product design.

Additional Security Measures 

There are, of course, other things you can do to further secure your property.

The two most common are a spy-hole and door chain.

Door chain

A door chain allows you to reduce the opening of your door to just a few inches and prevents somebody from forcing entry once your door is unlocked and opened.


A spy-hole integrated in your door will also allow you to identify who is on your doorstep before opening the door. Tradesmen can show their identification through the spy-hole, so you can be confident they are who they say they are before opening the door.

If you’re considering purchasing a composite door for your home, security really shouldn’t put you off.

Providing you follow the above guidance and your door carries the standards described, you can be assured that your new composite door will offer the very best security currently available.

Spire Glass will be happy to discuss your options further and provide you with a quote for your new composite door. Get in touch to find out more.

Everything You Need to Know About Replacement Windows

There are a number of reasons why you would want to consider replacement windows. But whether you’re looking for a fresh new look for your home, or you want to reduce your heating bills, there are a lot of things to consider.

Luckily Spire Glass are here to help you cut through some of the jargon and get to grips with what you need to know when buying replacement windows. 

Why Replace Your Windows 

As we said, there are a number of reasons you may wish to replace your windows, but there are a few you may not yet have thought about. Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider replacement windows: 

  • Sudden spike in heating bills. If you’ve noticed your heating bills rising unexpectedly, it may be that you have damaged windows that are allowing the heat to escape. If your windows are still in warranty, you will benefit from speaking to the installers to have them repaired or replaced. But if they are older, it is almost certainly time to replace them. 
  • Large areas of rot. Wooden frames, particularly if they are not properly cared for, tend to succumb to the elements over time. One ailment suffered by wooden frames is rot. Small areas of rot can be repaired, but in the case of larger areas, it may be better to simply replace the window altogether. 
  • Security. If your old windows are damaged, you may find it difficult to close them properly or even be unable to lock them. You will certainly want to consider repairing or replacing these windows for the sake of the security of your home. 
  • Increased energy efficiency. Because of advancements in technology, newer windows offer increased energy efficiency in your home. So, if your windows are more than ten years old, even if they’re not damaged, you may still benefit from replacing them and enjoying further reductions on your fuel costs. 

What to Consider When Choosing Your New Windows 

Once you’ve made the decision to replace your windows, there are many options to choose from and it’s important that you make the right choice for you and your home. Here are some of the things you need to bear in mind when choosing your replacement windows. 


There are several materials to choose from, each of which offers its own unique set of benefits and a distinctive look for your home. 

  • Timber. If you want a classic look for your home, timber windows are the perfect choice. You can still enjoy the benefits of double glazing while maintaining a traditional appearance for your home. On the downside, timber frames tend to be more costly than alternatives and are more difficult to maintain as they require regular painting in order to protect them from the elements. 
  • Aluminium. Aluminium is stronger and more durable than other materials. It also allows for a greater area of glass as the frames are thinner than timber or uPVC frames. Because of their appearance, they create a strong contemporary look that is a perfect fit for modern homes. 
  • UPVC. uPVC is by far the most common window material and with good cause. It is durable, easy to maintain and offers excellent security. It also slightly more effective than Aluminium when it comes to energy efficiency, which makes it the perfect choice for those wishing to reduce energy bills. What’s more, you can now buy uPVC windows in a range of styles and finishes, so you can still get timber effect, with the benefits of uPVC. 


As well as the material, you also need to consider the style and find the look that is right for your home. Replacement windows are available in a wide range of styles to complement the look of your property. 

  • Casement Windows. Casement windows are characterised by the fact that they open outwards. They are incredibly versatile and can be installed in almost any home, in a wide range of materials and finishes. 
  • Flush Sash Windows. The operation of a flush sash window is the same as a casement window, but they have the look of traditional sash windows, making them a good fit for older properties. 
  • Sliding sash windows. These look and operate the same as traditional sash windows and are the perfect fit for older homes. 
  • Tilt-and-turn windows. These are a good choice for windows which are high up, in the upper reaches of a property or on a high flat as they can be opened to 90 degrees, enabling them to be cleaned from the inside.

If you would like to discuss your replacement windows, or to talk through your options in greater detail, contact Spire Glass today and speak to a member of our team.

5 Reasons To Get Secondary Glazing For Your Home

Secondary glazing is something that may often be overlooked by homeowners.

When considering upgrading or replacing current windows, double or even triple glazing comes to mind.

But in some cases, secondary glazing could prove to be a cheaper alternative that’s just as efficient as double glazing.

In this article, we’re going to be discussing the benefits and reasons to get secondary glazing for your home. We’ll be discussing;

  • Listed Buildings
  • Heat Retention
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Security
  • Budget

Listed Buildings

If your property or home is a listed building, you find yourself in a tough position as there’s not much you can do to make changes to your home.

However, secondary glazing is a great option for listed buildings whereby a second pane of glass is added to an already single glazed window to improve the overall energy efficiency of the property without making any changes that would be detrimental to the listing building regulations and instead would comply with them.

Heat Retention

Adding secondary glazing to a property enhances heat retention throughout the home.

Simply because by adding a secondary glass pane that is sealed correctly and improves heat retention, the heat has nowhere to escape and thus eliminating draughts.

And in turn, this helps to cut energy costs per month. 

Going from single glazing to secondary glazing, you will instantly see the difference and reap the benefits of improved energy efficiency, elimination of draughts and ways for heat to escape as well as saving money on energy bills.

Noise Cancellation

When installing secondary glazing noise cancellation can be improved up to 80% simply by adding a second glass pane to the single glazed window.

Sound waves have then a harder time getting through two glass panels as opposed to one and if you live in a built-up congested area or live close to the main road, you will instantly hear a difference.


Secondary glazing provides increased security as they are securely fixed in a strong aluminium frame, making break-in attempts much harder and becomes tougher for potential burglars to break and enter into the property.


Overall the budget needed for secondary glazing is considerably less than that needed for buying and installing new double glazed windows.

The reason for this is because the installation time is much less than installing new windows, it’s effectively fitting an extra window pane to the already installed single glazed window. So the time on the job is much less and that is reflected in the price too.

Get in touch with us today to see if secondary glazing could benefit your property, and how Spire Glass can help.

Our team are on-hand and happy to help, discuss your budget and needs to find the best products and services available for you and your home.

Top industry trends for windows and doors 2020

As we enter a new decade, you’re probably thinking about upgrading your property. 

If you’re looking to replace your windows and doors in this new year, you may want to consider window and door trends appearing in 2020.

In this blog post, we have put together our top industry trends for windows and doors for 2020.

Some of which include:

  • Sustainable windows and doors 
  • Large glass windows 
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Glass extensions
  • Black window frames 

Sustainable windows and doors

2019 saw a shift towards green energy consumption and reducing the cost of energy bills. 

With help from technological innovation, the move towards choosing energy-efficient windows and doors made from eco-friendly material to provide heating, cooling and lighting are an essential component in sustainable building design.

uPVC windows became a popular choice in 2019 to minimise the effect on the environment by lowering carbon emissions and promoting greener energy. Sustainable windows are not going anywhere soon and are sure to increase throughout the new decade.

Large glass windows 

The demand for large windows and less frame has seen a rapid increase in popularity among homeowners in 2019 and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Large glass windows have many advantages. Some of the key benefits being; an increased flood of light entering your home as well as providing you with significant landscape views.

Living spaces with floor to ceiling windows is the trend to look out for in the coming months for 2020. 

Bi-fold doors 

With no surprise, bi-fold doors are on the list of window and door trends for 2020 and are set to continue to be a top choice for doors in the coming months. If you’re looking for a way to increase light into your home and extend your view into the garden, bi-fold doors are certainly the way to do it.  

Glass extensions 

The growth for outdoor living and natural light has driven the demand for stunning glass extensions and is at the top of most homeowners 2020 wish list.

The popularity to create a living space with a wall of glass for captivating views of the garden and sky has significantly increased over the last few years, with modern glass extensions and contemporary architecture becoming ever more popular. 

Black window frames  

Although white windows may be the more traditional choice when purchasing new windows and doors for the home, black is certainly the new colour to watch out for in 2020. Black window frames blend well with any interior or exterior decor and look stunning on both traditional and modern homes.

Watch out for the extension of darker colour pallets in 2020, with grey becoming a more popular choice of colour for windows and doors. 

Windows and doors from Spire Glass Limited

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How gardening can help with mental health

It is no secret that gardening has a strong correlation with improving mental health among adults.

But why is it so effective?

According to the mental health charity Mind, the benefits of gardening include;

  • Improved mood
  • Reduced feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Help you feel more relaxed
  • Improve physical health 
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem
  • Help you become more active 
  • Help you build new connections 

In this article, we focus on how gardening can help with mental health and how it’s benefits can improve the overall quality of your life. 

Gardening can help improve your mood

Not only can gardening be fun, but it can be a great way to boost your mood.

Regular exercise is well known to reduce the effects of mental health. By maintaining your garden, the act of digging, pushing a lawnmower and raking leaves can all be a great form of exercise.

Whilst gardening is a gentle form of exercise, it provides an effective workout whilst putting minimal strain on the body – unlike weight lifting at the gym. If you’re someone that has a fear of gyms, this may be the perfect fitness routine!

Natural daylight can lift your mood

Exposing yourself to natural daylight is a great way to improve your mood. Sunshine can trigger the hormone serotonin which acts as a mood stabiliser that helps us feel more positive and productive.

During the winter months, this is sometimes a lot harder to come by. It is therefore important to expose yourself to a safe level of sunshine to help stabilise your mood.

It can give you a sense of  personal achievement

We all feel good when we have achieved a set of goals – big or small. Setting yourself small daily targets in the garden can be a great way to boost your self-esteem and create a sense of purpose in your life.

Regularly maintaining your garden can give you a sense of achievement once all jobs on your to-do list has been completed. This can increase your level of self-efficiency which is a great way to improve anxiety and depression.

It can be a great way to make new friends

Gardening can be a positive way to build a close support network that can help you with mental health.

If you’re struggling with confidence issues, joining a community gardening project is a great way to socialise and make new friends. Having a support network can be a crucial part of the recovery process.

You can search for local community activities through networks such as meetup. This is an online space which has been designed to bring people together through trying new hobbies or doing what you love!

Connecting with nature can be a great way to bring peace to the mind 

Being outside is a great way to bring inner peace within the mind. By creating your own outdoor space that you feel comfortable being in, you provide yourself with a safe, comfortable place where you can fully relax.

If you are located in urban areas and have little exposure to greenery, try creating plant pots of flowers. This way, you can make an area on your patio or balcony which exposes you to a hint of nature.

3 reasons to choose a uPVC bifold door for your home

Bifold doors have taken the home renovation industry by storm becoming one of the biggest interior trends of 2019.  

But why have they become so popular? 

For homeowners looking to increase natural light into their home and extend connectivity with the garden, bifold doors are the perfect option. 

Our top three reasons for purchasing a bifold door  include:

  • Light 
  • Security 
  • Insulation 

Increase light

The large surface area of glass used in bifold doors allows more daylight to enter your home. If you live in a property that struggles obtaining natural daylight, bifold doors are a great way to increase sunlight into your home. When open, bifold doors can be used to bring the outside in by allowing you to enjoy your garden and the sun from the comfort of being indoors. 

Improved security

Not only are bifold doors great for improving  the appearance of your home, but they are also extremely secure. Unlike french doors, bifold doors have various locking systems built along the sliding track in which they run. Therefore, bifold doors provide the utmost security keeping you and your family safe from intruders breaking into your home. 

Energy efficient

You may assume that having a wall made of glass would be less energy efficient. However, with the advancements of modern technology, all Spire Glass bifold doors benefit from uPVC and double glazing to offer fantastic thermal efficiency. You will find that installing bifold doors will increase the thermal efficiency of your home, making your gas bills cheaper and keeping you warmer in the winter. 

Ready to purchase a uPVC bifold door? 

Here at Spire Glass we have a range of bifold doors available in a variety of folding configurations and styles. If you are looking for a way to open up your living space and create a greater sense of space and light then get in touch today to get your free quote on a set of uPVC bifold doors.

What are secondary glazed windows?

Secondary glazing has recently grown in popularity due to its unique capabilities to reduce noise, improve heat retention and prevent drafts.

But what is secondary glazing?

In this blog post we will cover;

  • What secondary glazing is
  • The benefits of secondary glazing 

What is secondary glazing?

Secondary glazing involves fitting an internal window in addition to your existing, single, double or triple glazed window. It is the perfect option if you live in a historic property or listed building where the windows cannot be double glazed. Traditional windows can often be tired and the cause of cold spots, which is why we recommend secondary double glazing.

What are the benefits of secondary glazing?

There are many benefits to secondary glazed windows, some of which being:

  • Noise reduction
  • Draft reduction
  • Additional security 
  • Condensation control 
  • Reduced carbon footprint

If you’re considering secondary glazing, here are some tips we advise before purchasing.

Sound insulation

If you live near a busy road or airport, secondary glazed windows are a perfect way to reduce noise pollution. This is a cheaper way to improve your home, especially for older properties that have single-pane windows. If you’re looking to use secondary glazing as a way to sound-proof your home, we advise using a different glass thickness than that of your current window.

Thermal insulation

Windows are prime areas where heat can be lost. The thermally toughened secondary glass acts as double glazing which can reduce heat emissions and improve your carbon footprint.  When it comes to saving energy, secondary glazing may be a good option. You can specify ordinary Float or Toughened glass, or for even better thermal performance specify – Pilkington ‘K’ low E glass.

If you feel that your property could benefit from secondary glazing, take a look at our range of uPVC windows online. For other enquiries regarding our services feel free to get in touch.

Top 5 Things To Do In Salisbury

In this blog post, we cover the top 5 things to do in Salisbury and why we believe that it is one of the best towns in Wiltshire. 

The top 5 things to do in Wiltshire  are;

  1. Salisbury Cathedral and Magna Carta 
  2. Old Sarum
  3. Boscombe Down Aviation Collection 
  4. Mompesson House
  5. The close 

Salisbury Cathedral and Magna Carta

 Home to one of the most celebrated documents in English history – the Magna Carta – Salisbury Cathedral is an architectural masterpiece and is one of only nine cathedrals to have its own works yard employing highly skilled artisans to preserve the building. If you are a person who enjoys history, this is the place to visit. 

Old Sarum

Known as one of the earliest English settlements, Old Sarum is great fun family day out. Climb the ramparts for views over the Wiltshire plains or stand in the footprint of Salisbury’s original cathedral – Old Sarum offers over 2000 years of history for the whole family to sink their teeth into.

Boscombe Down Aviation Collection

For those interested in wartime history, the Boscombe Down Aviation collection is the perfect place to experience life in the war. The museum holds a collection of aircraft, cockpits, replicas and model weapons to illustrate the story of the fight to flight during the First World War. 

Mompesson House

Named after Charles Mompesson, Mompesson House a 300-year-old 18th-century townhouse in the heart of Salisbury’s Cathedral Close. Escape the hustle and the bustle of the city and relax in the gardens or get lost wandering around the house. There are plenty of things to see and do!

The Close

If you are looking to experience England in its true British form, the Cathedral Close in Salisbury is home to a collection of amazing British architecture. The trail takes around 40 minutes and provides views of the stunning Cathedral, Mompesson House and the King’s house. A perfect way to blow off some cobwebs during the winter months! 

Ready to experience Salisbury?

Spire Glass has been serving Salisbury for a number of years providing high-quality Liniar double glazing for both modern and traditional properties. Our expert team are always on hand to offer professional advice and guidance on your next home improvement. Take a look at our range of uPVC Windows and uPVC doors.

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How long do uPVC windows last

uPVC windows offer a number of benefits to your home. Aside from looking great, they are also energy efficient and offer enhanced soundproofing for your home. But one of the key benefits to uPVC is its durability. But how long should your uPVC windows last? And how do you know when they need to be replaced? 

How long should your windows last? 

The durability of your windows will depend on a number of factors, the most important of which is the materials from which they are constructed. High-quality windows should last as long as 20 years before they need to be replaced. However, although the window frames may maintain their integrity for this length of time, lower quality windows may start to discolour and begin to yellow. In lower-quality frames, this can occur in as little as five years.

How to tell when your windows need to be replaced

Although windows will typically last for 20 years, it’s not simply a case of replacing your windows 20 years after they have been installed. If you move into a home that has poor quality windows installed or if they were incorrectly installed in the first place, there’s a chance they may not last the full 20 years. Here are some things to look out for in order to determine whether your windows need to be replaced: 

  • Condensation is appearing inside the double glazing unit. Some condensation on the inside of the glass is normal. However, if it is appearing consistently or appears in between the planes of glass, this is a sign that the unit has failed and needs to be replaced. 
  • Drafts. Feel around the window frames for any air ingress. Another way to detect a draft is with an incense stick; if the smoke wavers, that’s an indicator there’s a draft coming through the frame and it will need to be replaced. 
  • Damage. Some damage can be detected visually and will be obvious. Other signs may be less obvious but if you’re struggling to open and close the window, it will likely need to be replaced. 
  • Energy bills are rising inexplicably. If you’ve noticed a spike in your energy bills, it’s a good chance your windows need to be replaced as the insulation properties of the window have been compromised. 

At Spire Glass, we supply the highest quality uPVC windows and install them to the highest standard, ensuring you can enjoy the benefits of your new uPVC windows for years to come.

To find out more, take a look at our full range of uPVC windows and double glazed doors.

Why choose a FENSA approved installer?

With FENSA you can put all your worries behind you – “Do my windows and doors comply with building regulations? Are they registered with the local council?”

FENSA 100% comply with all building regulations and register their replacement windows with the local council, allowing double glazing specialists to focus on installing the windows and frames.

To find out more about the products available from Spire Glass, check out our windows, doors and glazing services.

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