Benefits of uPVC Windows and Doors

If you’re looking at replacing your windows or doors, you may well have encountered several different frame materials. By far the most popular choice among homeowners is uPVC. But what makes uPVC such a popular choice? And what are the benefits of choosing uPVC windows and doors over other material types? Here are some of the key benefits of uPVC.

Choice of style 

Gone are the days where uPVC windows and doors were only available in white. Now you can choose from a wide range of finishes, including a wide selection of wood grain effects. You can also choose from a range of shapes and designs, enabling you to find a style which best fits your home. 


uPVC frames offer exceptional security. They are strong and durable and are available with a choice of locking mechanisms. The double glazing also makes the windows far more difficult to break, further preventing an intruder from gaining access to your home. 

Energy Efficiency 

When correctly installed, uPVC is a low conductor of heat, making it ideal at keeping the heat in your home where it belongs. Additionally, seals around the frames prevent drafts from entering your home and heat from escaping. 

Low Maintenance and Durability 

Unlike most timber frames which require regular sanding and staining, uPVC windows and doors require very little effort to keep from ageing. Simply wipe them down regularly with warm soapy water, and they will remain fresh for years.

Additionally, uPVC is extremely weather resistant and is not affected by rot or corrosion. Great for keeping those double glazed doors looking like new!


Double glazing helps to soundproof your home by creating more material for the sound to pass through. uPVC frames enhance the soundproofing effect and could reduce the sound entering your home by as much as 50% compared with other material types.

At Spire Glass, we provide quality, affordable uPVC double glazing and expert installation. Interested in a new window or door? Use our online window and door quote tool to design your new window/door and get a price.

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How do Windows Reduce Noise?

If you live in a built-up area, near a busy road or railway line, it’s likely that external noise will have become a bit of a nuisance over time. One of the best ways to block out noise pollution is by introducing double glazing to your property. But how does double-glazing help to keep out the noise? And why is some double glazing better than others? This article goes into how double-glazing works to reduce noise and what to look for when buying double-glazing for that purpose.

How sound travels

To understand how sound insulation works, it’s important to first understand how sound enters your home in the first place. Sound is transmitted through sound waves, tiny vibrations, which pass from the source of the sound to our ears. In order for the sound waves to reach our ears, it requires material to pass through, one of which is the glass and surrounding structure of your windows.

How windows reduce sound

Sound travels more quickly through solid materials and liquids than through gases, and the denser the gas, the more difficult it is for the sound to get through. As window-panes are solid glass, they are therefore, alone, less impactful at reducing the sound than you might expect. Double and triple glazed windows, however, have cavities between the panes of glass filled with either air or denser gas. This creates a natural barrier to the sound, softening the waves considerably before they enter the home.

Varying thickness

The thickness of the window-pane will affect which frequencies of sound get blocked out; soundwaves outside this frequency will still pass through. So double glazed windows with two panes the same thickness will still only block out the one frequency of sound. However, by varying the thickness of the panes, you can capture more of the sound’s frequency range, with the first pane capturing one frequency and the next pane capturing another. This dramatically reduces the amount of sound entering your home. It is also possible to get windows specifically designed for certain types of sound, for instance traffic noise, that transmit at a certain frequency.

Other methods

There are other methods employed to reduce sound, however, these are less effective than varying the thickness of the glass and can impact the cost of the windows significantly. These include:

  • A larger gap between panes. This creates greater area for the sound to travel through, however, a gap of 60mm or more is required before the impact is noticeable and this is seldom practical.
  • Krypton-filled units. Filling the space between panes with Krypton gas, rather than air or argon also helps to slow the sound travel. However the impact rarely justifies the cost of including the gas.
  • Noise Reducing laminate. Adding a laminate coating to glass can have a similar impact to varying the thickness of the glass, without the need for multiple panes.

For further information or to discuss your requirements with our team, fill out our contact form and a member of the Spire Glass team will be in touch to discuss your needs.

How to fix common double glazing problems

Whilst double glazing brings a number of benefits, like increased home energy efficiency and warmth, there are some common problems to watch out for. In this article, we take a look at some of the common problems you may experience with double glazing and how to fix them.

Condensation issues on the window

Unfortunately, double glazing windows do not mean that condensation can never occur. In fact, for some homes, it can be pretty prominent.

As double glazing windows are designed to seal and protect your home from the outside elements from seeping through, it can also cause any moisture in your home to be trapped. The warmer air in your home can condensate on your windows more frequently on colder days.

Now, condensation on your windows doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s an issue with your uPVC windows themselves – it simply means that there is inadequate ventilation. Forgetting to open the window after a shower is one of the most obvious, yet it is an accidental way people contribute to the condensation forming on their windows. However, general moisture in the air can still cause a condensation problem.

Being the most common feature of modern windows, through-frame trickle vents are designed to allow a constant flow of fresh air. When opened, the air-flow will help reduce condensation forming on your windows.

Mould on window frames

Just like condensation, mould forms when there isn’t enough ventilation in environments where there is a lot of moisture in the air. Like mentioned above in the previous point, trickle vents on a window are a great way to allow the damp air to escape.

Mist on the windows

One problem people overlook is when their windows become misty.

When double glazing windows are in good condition they will have multiple barriers to prevent warm air inside your home escaping and the cold air coming in. Typically, the glass panes will have argon gas in between the glass to insulate the window. If the mist is forming over your glass, it is an indication that moisture has seeped into the insulating barrier.

If moisture has gotten into your glass unit, it is wise to get a window replacement.

Discoloured frames

Discolouration on your window frames can occur due to the pollution in the air and being in direct sunlight. Cleaning with any harsh chemicals or rough cleaning materials can cause the material’s surface to deteriorate faster.

If you notice any damage on your frame, discolouration is the follow on effects of the damage, we strongly recommend you look into a replacement window. The reason being is the frames are the part of the structure that keeps the window together – therefore, any issues with the frames can cause later issues with the window’s energy efficiency.
If you have any enquiries, please feel free to get in contact with us.

3 ways to boost the value of your home

With house prices rising across the country due to the renewed confidence in the economy, now is a good time to make sure that your house is getting the best possible price if you’re looking to sell.

In this blog post, we’ll share 3 ways you can increase the price of your house.

Front door

Buyers will make their first impression of your house from the kerb. This is why kerb appeal is important. A lot of buyers and property valuation experts will make judgements about how much a house is potentially worth from their first impression. Give them high expectations!

A whole new front door may not be needed if it can be refreshed with a new layer of paint and a new door number.

However, if the door is old or has marks which cannot be repaired then it would be wise to invest in a door. Modern doors are more energy efficient as well as being more durable.

When buying a new door there are 2 popular choices; composite and uPVC. Composite is more expensive than uPVC but has a wooden texture, it can add style to the house. uPVC comes in a range of colours but not textures.

For a guide on buying a door that is suited for you, read our post on the difference between composite and uPVC doors.

Front doors are good for making a great first impression but windows are the second things buyers and valuers notice after the door.

Replace Windows

Increasingly savvy home buyers are looking for properties with energy efficiency features such as double glazed windows. The lack of double glazed windows can mean that the home buyer will need to spend money to upgrade the property.

When upgrading the windows, adhering to current building regulations will be straightforward and the glazer will take care of most it. However, for listed buildings or homes in a conservation area, there are certain restrictions such as uPVC windows not being allowed.

Similar to doors, windows can come in a selection of materials; aluminium, wood and uPVC. Each of which has different properties but are significantly better than single plane windows.

Aluminium and uPVC window frames are typically suited for modern houses and offer excellent durability.


Conservatories are a popular choice for increasing the property value of a house due to the fact that most will not require planning permission but checking beforehand is prudent.

Choosing the right conservatory for your home is crucial in making sure that your property price rises. One of those considerations is style. If your property is traditional then a conservatory that complements the look would be advised. A modern conservatory would look out of place.

Another consideration is choosing the size of the conservatory wisely. Whilst this will be restricted by planning permission it can also be easily extended. The main area to be mindful of is the garden.

A conservatory can be further complemented if your house is facing south which will give you a generous amount of sunlight and an excellent view into the garden (a well-maintained garden can also increase house price!)

This a list of both practical and aesthetic changes that valuers can use to judge how much your property is worth. However, buyers will often pay a premium for well designed and attractive properties.
Interested in a new door, window or conservatory? Get an online quote today!

Spire Glass Window Prevents Burglary

Spire Glass Limited are a leading home improvements company, based near the famous cathedral city of Salisbury, Wiltshire. Our bespoke double glazing solutions are designed to help reduce your carbon footprint alongside maximising the security of your home. And as one of our customers discovered, our windows offer superb levels of security.

In late March, we received an email from one of our customers to say there had been an attempted burglary at their home. The bizarre thing is, the customer didn’t even notice there had been an attempted burglary until carrying out routine cleaning work.

It turns out that the burglar had attempted to prise open the sash using a crowbar, or another small hand tool.  Although they must have given it their best efforts, the robust locking systems and security focused designs prevented any loss of personal items, and minimal property damage. Leaving the homeowner safe, and the thief empty handed.

Window security

Why are we reporting on this now? It just goes to show that the unpredictable can happen and that security is just as important today as it was one hundred years ago. Investing in security focused windows and doors from a reliable and trusted company like Spire Glass is vitally important.

The combination of our knowledge, building skills and products we use amplify your home’s security, giving you maximum protection from both opportunistic and planned burglary.

Spire Glass is a proud member of the Double Glazing Network a renowned collection of expert Linar Installers throughout the UK.

One of the features of members of the Double-Glazing Network which Spire Glass is a member of is that everyone is vetted. Spire Glass is one of the most highly professional and trustworthy double glazing company in the UK.

Our complete range of windows and doors are designed with your security in mind. We fit tested Yale locking systems to the inside of the frames, so they cannot be reached by would be thieves.

Sam Locke, operations manager of Spire Glass said. ‘What could have been a potentially disastrous ending to the story, has been thwarted thanks to the quality of the TruFrame window frame and the Yale hardware. The homeowner needs a new window but doesn’t have to consider the cost of any losses, nor the emotional distress. This is a clear message that product quality and specification has never been so important within the industry.’

TruFrame is one of the top six largest manufactures of uPVC windows and doors in the UK, they are also the only high volume fabricator to finish every frame off by hand.

TruFrame Windows and Door Manufacturer Supplier

This process is done not only so the customer has the best quality product but to ensure the highest level of quality and to provide a truly unrivalled finish.

David Firmager, managing director of TruFrame concluded: ‘Every 45 seconds in the UK, there is an attempted burglary and every 76 seconds it’s successful. So, it’s for good reason that we spend so much time on ensuring our frames are manufactured to the most exacting of tolerances and furnished with what we believe is the best hardware specification, backed up with an impressive lifetime warranty.’

Yale has been on the market for over 150 years. It is one of the oldest international brands out on the market and it’s best known and most respected names in the lock industry.

There are millions of Yale locks used worldwide. There are many designs and functions of Yale locks and they and they are used in over 125 years.

Top 5 reasons you should get double glazed windows

Double glazed windows offer a range of benefits from sound insulation helping you to enjoy some peace to keeping your home warm during the winter – helping you to cut down on your energy bills.

If you’re still not convinced that double glazed windows are much better than single paned windows, here is our top 5 reasons.

1. Energy efficiency

As mentioned above energy efficiency is one of the biggest reasons to switch to double glazed windows as they can save an average sized home up to £100 per year in heating bills.

An extra layer of glass and a filling of inert gas (argon) between the two panes helps warm hair from turning cold, keeping the room temperature stable.

Over the lifetime of an average double glazed window (18-20 years), they can usually pay for themselves in terms of savings from energy bills. Not mention reducing your carbon footprint on the environment due to less energy usage.

2. Security

A single pane of glass is insecure and easy to break, especially one with a wooden frame. Increasing the panes of glass to two not only makes it more secure but much harder to break. This is a good deterrent for thieves as they will need to spend more time, increasing their chances of being caught.

A common question that home insurers ask is whether your windows have locks. This may not significantly reduce home insurance premiums but can make your home safer and reduces premiums a little. This can give you peace of mind when you’re out for a family holiday or not at home.

3. Add value to your home

As home buyers are becoming savvier, they are inspecting to see if property have double glazed windows and modern doors since it means that they do not have to invest when moving into the property.

Surveyors tend to give a higher price to homes with these features since they reflect the energy saving costs and added security.

4. No condensation

Condensation occurs when warm air hits a cold surface (e.g. steam from a kettle making contacting with kitchen tiles). It forms water droplets when it makes contact and can leave a puddle of water at the bottom. If the water is not cleaned it can lead to damp surfaces and maybe mould growth.

With double glazing windows, this problem is reduced since there is no cold surface for the warm air to make contact with.

5. Noise

Single pane windows are a poor sound insulator. They can let in a lot of the outside noise such as passing cars and pedestrians which can disrupt an enjoyable and relaxing evening.

Double glazed windows can often block noise more effectively than a single pane, giving you peace and quiet.

Start saving today!

Double glazed windows offer a range of benefits and over the lifetime can return a positive return on investment factoring in savings and increases home value.

If you’re looking for new windows, generate a quote today using Quote Builder tool in 5 minutes.

Why you should install French Casement Windows

French casement windows

Traditional Flair With French Casement Windows

When you are looking to enhance the character of your new home, or perhaps to complement the traditional architecture of your property, French casement windows are a grand choice.

These beautiful windows are sublime, offering exceptional style combined with high functionality, enhancing your property in every way.

Our outstanding French casement windows offer a fantastic alternative to standard double glazing and will transform your property.

At Spire Glass, we offer expertise and quality to our customers too, so you can count on outstanding customer service and the very best products.

Follow on next and discover more about these fabulous French casement windows in Surrey.


French casement windows from Spire Glass are crafted using the Liniar profile, ensuring that your home benefits from the very best quality.

These spectacular windows are intelligently engineered to provide outstanding all round performance and they feature the very latest innovations in double glazing.

Your home will be warmer, more secure, and elevate in style with our stunning French casement windows.


Our French casement windows are precision engineered to offer the very best thermal performance. They have a multi-chambered profile which creates a thermal barrier. This works to trap heat within your home and block cold air out.

With less heat escaping your property, your home then becomes more cost-effective and in addition more eco-friendly.

Modern homeowners are often concerned with their impact on the environment. With our stunning Liniar windows, you can be confident that your carbon footprint is lowered and less heat is escaping into the atmosphere.


Our French casement windows help you to make the most of the British weather. On warm days in spring and summer, they can be opened to their full extent, allowing a gentle breeze to cool your home.

Then on cooler days, you can opt to have the master sash open, with the slave sash closed, letting you access fresh air simply and effectively.

They are brilliant even when closed, protecting you from the elements no matter how harsh the weather may be, ensuring that you are warm and comfortable within your property.

Our windows are practical to keep you warm on cold days, dry on wet days and cool in hot weather. It practically does everything.


The Liniar profile is superbly engineered to offer great performance, protecting your home from unwanted visitors and creating a safe exit should you need one.

This window is internally reinforced through a clever structure, which means there is less need for stainless steel in the profile.

In addition to this, we fit our windows with high security locking systems for brilliant home protection.

They truly offer the most exceptional safety features in their multi-functional operation. They make wonderfully stylish windows for your home, but with the clever floating central mullion, they open extremely wide.

This is ideal for narrow spaces and makes the Part B compliant as an emergency exit.

You can be completely confident that your home and your family are safe when you choose French Casement Windows.


The wonderful features of our French casement windows make them an incredible home improvement, but they also happen to be especially stylish.

We customise your windows so that you get the perfect match for your home.

Perhaps you are looking for fresh, gleaming white, or you would like a beautiful colour finish. Our windows can be adapted to meet your requirements and complement your tastes.

These stunning windows are tailored to meet your every need, making them an exceptional choice for any area of your home.


Our fantastic French casement windows prices are one of the many reasons that our customers choose us for their home improvements.

French casement windows prices from Spire Glass make a great investment in your Salisbury home, so why not get a free quote at our online quoting engine where you can select from the options available.or you can

Alternatively, you can contact us and our friendly team will be happy to help.

What should you choose: uPVC or composite doors?

uPVC and composite are the two most common doors types in the UK making them a popular choice among homeowners.

But when it comes to choosing between the two, it is a difficult one. Both have good versatility and energy efficiency.

If you are looking to buy one of them, here is our guide to differentiating between the two.


uPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, it is used mainly in pipes and exterior drainages. It is very tough and rigid which makes a perfect plastic to use for windows and doors. uPVC doors are mostly comprised of uPVC as well as other plastics.

Composite also make use of a different type of plastic that can also be found in Lego; ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). ABS has great thermo-plastic properties making durable as well as providing scratch resistant properties.

As well as being made from different materials, uPVC doors tend to be thinner than composite doors at 28mm and uPVC doors at 48mm.


Customizability is important in setting the tone and giving the desired feel for your home. With uPVC doors, the customisability options are limited but there is a range of different colours that you can choose from. Wooden textures are not possible to achieve with uPVC.

With composite doors, there are a range of colours that can be used to customise the door as well as wooden grain finishing.


uPVC doors generally tend to be a little cheaper than composite doors. But that does not mean that they are of lower quality. They are generally cheaper to manufacture due to the number of materials used in a composite door and that is reflected in the price.


Both doors have excellent security protection. But composite doors are a little more secure.

This is because of the range of materials that are used in the door. The composite doors are made using wood, glass reinforced plastic and ABS under high pressure. This gives a solid structure to the door and makes it thicker and more secure compared to uPVC door.